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Dying On the Inside: A Child's Grief by Sharyl Calhoun
The impatient tooting of a car horn startled us into awareness. No one had thought beyond making it through the grievous night. Now the sun was up, and it took a moment to realize that this was just like any other school day — for everyone else. Distasteful tasks always fall to the youngest child, so I was pushed, unceremoniously, out the door. Hurrying down the driveway, my childish mind searched frantically for the proper words to say. Taking a deep breath, I stuck my head in the car window. “Mother won’t be needing a ride to work today. She’s dead.”

Dads, Life, and Death by Mark Brandenburg
It's not easy to stare into the face of death, especially when it involves your father.

It was a "God Thing" by Janette Blackwell
People who know I’m religious might be surprised to learn that I sometimes doubt there is a God. Then I think of the events leading up to my mother’s death.

Mesothelioma Cancer- What to tell children by Paul Curran
Telling children about any serious illness or disease is not easy. The best approach is a direct one as children, even very young ones, often sense that something is not right. Their fears need to tackled and honesty is the best policy.

Grieving Children by Rexanne Mancini
While it is my belief that death is just one more experience to seek growth and soul development in our current physical forms, losing a loved one is never easy. Our family has experienced its fair share of grief in the past few years. We’ve lost my sister-in-law (my daughters’ aunt), a beloved uncle and a cherished pet, to name just a few.

Helping Children Cope With Grief by Theresa V. Wilson, M.Ed.
Age is not a prerequisite to grief. Not unlike their parents, child must be allowed to experience the stages of grief. Denial of opportunity to “release” feelings, participate in family loss, and share in recovery can be very damaging to the health and well being of the child.

Guidelines for Helping Grieving Children By Robin Fiorelli
One hundred years ago, death was much more a natural part of a child's experience. Grandparents often lived with families, so children witnessed them growing older and dying. Modern medicine has made strides in reducing infant and child mortality and has prolonged life expectancy for the elderly, so children witness fewer deaths. More and more elderly die in nursing homes and hospitals, outside the home environment. The exclusion of death from children's lives requires us to teach them explicitly about death and grief.

Guidelines for Children Attending Funerals and Memorial Services By Robin Fiorelli
Therese Rando, a well-known grief and loss expert, explains that rituals allow structure for important events that occur throughout our lives, including death. A funeral offers a controlled time during which individuals can emotionally and physically ventilate their feelings. By applying spiritual and philosophical understandings to loss, funeral rituals generate social support and offer opportunities to find meaning. Funeral rituals are most effective when they are personal and involve participation from friends and family.

How to Respond to Typical Questions that Children Have about Death By Robin Fiorelli
Answer a child's questions about death by being specific, straight forward, and brief. Be sure to address the child at his or her level.

Myths About Children and Grief By Robin Fiorelli
Both mental health practitioners and parents alike have been misguided about how children experience the loss of someone significant to them and about the most effective ways to assist a grieving child. In a systematic review of the prevailing misperceptions, Charles A. Corr identified the most prevalent one as the belief that children do not really grieve because they are too young to understand death. The reality is that children's grief may look different than that of adults, but it shares fundamental similarities as a physical and emotional reaction to the loss of a significant loved one.

Preparing a Child for the Death of a Loved One By Robin Fiorelli
If an adult is able to prepare a child for the death of a loved one, it is important to do so as soon as possible before the death occurs. The adult first should ask the child what he or she knows about the loved one's illness. This allows the adult to discover any misperceptions the child may have and assists the adult in knowing where to start in educating the child about the illness and prognosis.

Good Mourning By Yvonne Williams
I wish for you a good mourning! Please notice carefully the word mourning in what I just said to you. I am not giving you a greeting for a nice day by saying, "Good morning."

If Ever It Is Me by Deborah Uetz
Looking back over my father's Alzheimer's battle I discuss what I would want my family to do "if ever it is me."

When's Sarah Coming Home? Helping Your Child Understand Death by Dr. Charles Sophy
For most children, their first experience with grief comes with the death of a beloved family pet. When Zoe the eight-week old puppy dies of parvovirus or Tweety the budgie stops singing his morning song, a child experiences profound and lasting loss for the first time in their young lives.

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