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How Long Does It Take to Mend a Broken Heart? by Karyl Chastain Beal
When I asked how long it would take for me to get over Arlyn's death, I received a variety of answers. Which one was right?

Trial by Fire - 9 Tips for Grieving Couples by Lisa Church
You will often hear that grief and loss bring couples together, but it can actually tear them apart. It is possible to emerge on the other side of grief with a closer marriage, but it does take work.

Silent Tears - from a Norwegian Hospital by Haakon Rian Ueland
My daughter was admitted to the childrens ward when 14 days old with pneumonia. It was a horrible time, but even so a bonding experience for my wife and I. Never surrender. If things are horrible, they will get better. And crying is good - even for us men...

Beyond A Mother's Nightmare To Radical Forgiveness by Linda Miller
The passing of a child is never easy to accept. I am grateful for having found a new way of thinking that has literally saved my life since the passing of my eternal son, Brian...

The Death Of A Child by Dr. Dorree Lynn
The death of a young child is the single most powerful predictor of divorce. This is true because a parent's grief knows no bounds. Self-incrimination creeps in as does blame. Depression and desperation are common aftermaths of such an event. Most parents' natural instinct is to want to protect their young; to love, to nurture, and to help them grow. When a child dies, one's world tends to fall apart. Whether one believes in God or not, always there is a depression and anger, questioning and doubt before a parent can come to resolution and move on.

How Grieving Parents Can Take Care of Themselves By Robin Fiorelli
Many parents and adults find it challenging to care for children when they are grieving the loss of a loved one themselves. This is why it is imperative that adults make a special effort to get the support and assistance they need, so that, in turn, they can attend to the grief needs of their children. Some adults, on the other hand, find it particularly therapeutic to give to a grieving child because it can be healing to provide assistance to someone else.




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