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God's Little "Heart" Messenger
by Pat Woodward

He came to us as a tiny babe,
Our Joshua was such a blessing.
He looked so perfect from head to toe,
You'd think that nothing was missing.

But, his tiny heart had failed to grow,
Within his little frame,
When we were told only half was there,
It cause us much grief and pain.

"Two days, two weeks, is all he'll live,"
The doctor came in to say,
"It will take a miracle from God,"
So, we all began to pray.

We went to the Great Physician in charge,
Who knows the beginning and end.
He looked down on us with His arms opened wide,
And the miracle He did begin.

"You may keep little Joshie, to love and to hold,
You will learn as you watch him grow,
The joy he will bring to all of you,
Will be more than you've ever known.

I'll send my angels to guard over him,
He'll become a very fine lad,
And the life and excitement he'll bring to you all,
Will make the saddest heart glad."

Although, little Josh, had just half of his heart,
And fought for his life every day,
He showed us what courage and faith can do,
When we trust God and fervently pray.

He soon had more life than "life" itself,
It seemed he never slowed,
He ran and played from morn till night,
He kept us all on the go.

He had so much life, Only God could have given,
And, I'm sure, that the angels,
Were rejoicing in heaven.

You see, Little Josh was an angel, too,
With God's message to impart,
and the sermon that he preached to us,
Was, "Joshie's going to get a "new heart."

God gave us four loving and wonderful years,
To watch little Joshie grow.
The joys and laughter he brought to us all,
Had set our hearts all aglow.

Then, On January twentieth of ninety-three,
the day Josh turned four years old,
God sent an angel on a snowy white cloud,
To take our sweet Joshua home.

His ministry here on earth was done,
His life on earth was through,
Jesus called our beautiful blue-eyed child,
To God's land beyond the blue.

Our lives are so empty, now that he's gone,
We miss him and sometimes we cry.
But, we know that someday we'll see him again,
When we'll never again say, goodbye.

I know he is now with Jesus,
Free from all sorrow and care,
He has no more pain, now he has a "new heart,"
And the blessing of Heaven he shares.

Something precious, he gave to those left behind,
A message of love from his heart,
We didn't know then, but now we can see,
He was sent with it right from the start.

So, hear the "Heart Message" that Joshua brought,
And let your sick heart be repaired,
By the Great Physician, who makes "perfect" hearts,
So that all Heaven's joy you can share.

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