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Silence, Silent but Never Silence
by Kimberly V. Dunn

Many said I camouflaged it well
Only after discovering
my silent suffering
Silent but never silenced enough
The silent suffering I endured
Alone, leaving what appeared
Silent to be well known within me
Silent and hidden
Silent but not silent enough
The pain exists deep down within me
Silent, never silent I think not
A heart that weeps
Silently weeping in the dark
Hoping no one sees me
Silent, Never
Stomped on, used as a sponge, broken, tugged on, and jerked at
A heart, I do have
And treated as if I have none
A heart that's far beyond repair
Silent, this is the hearts only way
To cry out
Silent, I think not
Silent, they said I camouflaged it well
My suffering well hidden but
Silent never,
It cries out
But no one seems to hear or see
Only the ones that some how saw
The silent suffering
Silent but never within me
Silent, can't you see
This is my heart speaking
Help me
Silent, never silence
Silent, I'm suffering

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