The importance of loving as a human experience past grief

It’s easy to fall into the mindset that you can’t love again after losing someone precious. The pain you endure when bereaved is suffocating but you should not give up on love because of it. You should take time to heal, find or wait for a new motivation to start anew, but never let yourself be closed to the idea of being happy

The pain of loving can come in all its forms whether it’s platonic, familial, or romantic. Loving again doesn’t mean forgetting the ones you lost nor does it mean completely recovering from grief. It only means moving on with your life and giving yourself a healthy human experience. Here are five reasons why you should continue loving in spite of your pain:

Love is innate

One of the most important reasons to love is that it just happens. It is natural for people to have a connection with another individual and stopping yourself from experiencing such attachments is impossible. The best one could do is outright deny it and this can just lead to you hurting yourself. Bereavement-poems-articles have witnessed such tragedies unfold and it’s never the ‘peaceful, painless life’ that you’d think it is. 

Love gives you a life direction

Having friends, family, and a lover can give you the proper motivation in what you do in life. Most people only achieved their goals because they let someone support them. There are people who become better people both morally and spiritually because there are loved ones who helped them be their best selves. If you don’t seek such development, then you can be the one who supports someone you love. 

It’s only fair to return love 

Love is innate and you can guarantee that a friend or colleague cares about you. It may not be as deep as romance or family but the connection is enough for them to feel pain when you’re bitter. The best you can do for them is to return their care. Give them a reassuring smile, a gentle reminder of your appreciation, and a comfortable space when you’re around.

A social circle can give you peace of mind

Most people form human connections for no reason at all. Simply knowing that there is someone you can talk to when you’re bored helps in maintaining peace of mind. Having friends can give you a lot to look forward to for tomorrow. It can be hanging out with them or learning new fun news about what they’re doing in their life. 

You can only experience happiness through love

It’s always better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. The pain you feel is a testament to how deeply you can show appreciation and stopping yourself from feeling that way again is self-destructive. Take time to cope and you don’t need to pursue love as you did before. Simply embrace it when it’s there or when you’re ready and you can feel happiness again. 

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