What happens when you avoid grief?

Grief happens when your loved one has passed and left you all alone. It is a painful emotion that makes you feel hurt and stays with you for a long time. The ache that grief brings you is unbearable. This has become common for people to escape discomfort by distracting themselves with different methods. But what happens when you do this? Find out the answer here.

  1. The ability to push your feelings aside

When people avoid grief, they tend to push their feelings and find ways to feel numb. The act of feeling your emotions can be overwhelming and makes you vulnerable to a lot of things. That is why people would do one of the following things:

  • Avoid talking about what they are going through
  • Use alcohol to drown out these feelings
  • Constantly looking for companions to avoid being alone.

Doing any of these can be great at first because it makes you feel happy. However, this only lasts for a few moments. The moment the emotional high ends, you would experience a crash that makes you feel hurt twice as bad. 

  1. Overreacting to small events

Grief is a huge emotion that takes away a lot of energy from you. In turn, it leaves you vulnerable to any stimuli. Because of this, small events like breaking a nail or dropping a spoon can make you snap. This is bad for you since you can hurt yourself or others as soon as your mood turns into angst.

  1. Avoiding certain places

Losing someone makes it hard for people to revisit certain places because of the memories left behind. That is why it is common for them to avoid doing this to prevent feeling hurt. This is because you would remember all of the things you’ve done, which can be bittersweet. On top of that, you would feel overwhelmed with your feelings and might burst. 

  1. Indulging in bad habits

The pain that grief brings will undoubtedly make you entertain your bad habits. These can come in the form of drinking alcohol, chain smoking or having risky behaviour. Doing any of these gives you a rush of adrenaline that masks your grief. Experiencing this will hook you into indulging in these bad habits repeatedly.

  1. Isolation and detachment

Since grief is a form of baggage, people tend to isolate and detach themselves from their loved ones. People going through this emotion do not want to be a burden to the people in their lives. That is why they choose to carry the grief themselves and go through the pain alone.

Grief is something you shouldn’t deal with alone

When you are experiencing grief, your best course of action is to face it. You can do this by receiving comfort from a friend or letting yourself listen to music to help you process the pain. If none of these work, know that Bereavement Poems & Articles is here to help you out.

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